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The Voltset Smart Multimeter Begins Its Kickstarter Campaign
by Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ▪ 5.27.2014 News


Last September, we wrote about an interesting product we saw at the World Maker Faire NYC. It was a conveniently sized multimeter that connects to your smartphone and uses custom software to give you mobility and ease with your electronics measurements. This multimeter is known as the Voltset and the team behind it have begun a Kickstarter campaign to promote and raise money for the device.

From the article we wrote previously, the Voltset has evolved from the Mini-Voltset and the Mega-Voltset into the Voltset and the Voltset PRO. These multimeters are in the CAT II measurement category. This includes small devices and the outlets within a home. The Voltset team is striving to make the multimeter CAT III capable, allowing for the measurement of higher power systems including a home distribution panel.

The key difference between the Voltset and the Voltset PRO is the range of readings that each can make. While the Voltset includes the ability to measure voltage, resistance, diodes, and conductivity; the Voltset PRO includes additional measurements of capacitance, frequency, and current.

Although it is odd that the measurement of current is unavailable to the Voltset while it is a staple in many multimeters, the software provided by the Voltset will include automated calculations that can compute the current. The software provided will also be able to chart and export data to Excel. If a user were to use the Voltset on an outlet or battery, the software will also be able to tell you additional information. The software for the Voltset is open to expansion and customization with support from the Voltset community.

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Tech Marinade’s Trip to the World Maker Faire! (Part 2)
by Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ▪ 9.26.2013 Editorial
Busting some moves

Busting some moves

Returning to the World Maker Faire with tired legs and shorts this time, Tech Marinade seeked out the Makers that were missed on day one. Check out Part 1 of this feature if you missed out!

Faigle Labs

Making it possible for anyone to build a ridiculously large quad-rotor.

Making it possible for anyone to build a ridiculously large quad-rotor.

Faigle Labs introduced a take on the quad rotor as it presented its first product. What looks like  a mix between GI Joe and Power Ranger Megazords is essentially a kit providing users with the ability to construct their own custom quad rotors. This kit comes with just the control board, users will have to find their own RC helicopters or construct their own rotors. On the bright side, a phone app is available that will allow for increase customize-ability and configuration options.

Non professionals can obtain this kit for free once it hits launch! There will be a charge for commercial use.


World's Smallest Oscillascopes

World’s Smallest Oscilloscopes

Sporting the world’s smallest oscilloscopes, electrical engineer Gabriel Anzziani and his company Gabotronics seek to provide small tools for makers and engineers. The Xprotolab may be the key to making electrical analysis more accessible and open up the door to more DIY innovations. Anzziani has also recently begun a kickstarter for a more stylish take on the Xprotolab. An oscilloscope watch. You can also read more about Gabotronics here.

You can pick up the Xprotolab for $49.

E&M Labs – Skallops

A fun way to create on the fly

A fun way to create on the fly

Offering creative pathways for children and adults alike to build entertaining contraptions, E&M Labs presented Skallops. These clam-like pieces act as versatile connectors for card based creations or anything else one can imagine. Tech Marinade had a joyous time making planes and a hat that ended up become a mask reminiscent of Bane. E&M Labs have launched a series of successful Kickstarters and is a company to look out for.

You can grab the Junior Set for $19.95!

Vision Education & Media – Robofun

Promoting tech to children, one robotic step at a time

Promoting tech to children, one robotic step at a time

For over 15 years, Laura Allen has been working with teachers and children promoting technology based learning. To accomplish this, Robofun, an educational program teaching robotics and game design to children was started by Vision Education & Media. There are currently over 60 programs around the New York area with funding from many partners and affiliates. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to let their child explore their technological interests.


Making smart phones even smarter

Making smart phones even smarter

Bringing more ease to the maker and engineer, Tom Wang created the VoltSet smartphone multimeter. This device being no larger than a deck of cards allows for increased effectiveness and lowered encumbrance that many of the brick like multimeters cannot provide. The VoltSet is currently available for preorder from the main website. You can read more about our thoughts here.

More to come…

We have seen some fascinating creations at the World Maker Faire and have met even more fascinating people! Detailed articles on our finds, even ones mentioned here, will be rolling out over the next week.

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VoltSet: A Smart Multimeter For Smart Phones
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 9.25.2013 News

Most engineers are familiar with the multimeter, a rather ubiquitous tool in any laboratory recognizable for its brick-like shape and radial mode selector.

Turn my dial, baby.

Your standard day-to-day multimeter.  Look at that dial-turning action. source: Buzzle

Multimeter design has been somewhat of a stagnant craft, the basic look and layout being maintained for a several decades.  A company we met at Maker Faire New York is bringing multimeter design into the 21st century.

Making smart phones even smarter

The Mega-VoltSet connects to your smartphone.

That company is VoltSet (@Voltset), lead by Tom Wang.  He’s on a mission to make the multimeter sexy, modern, and accessible.  His line of VoltSet multimeters accomplishes this by reducing the size of the hardware and connecting to a smartphone which provides a friendly user interface.

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