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Tech Marinade’s Trip to the World Maker Faire! (Part 1)
by Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ▪ 9.25.2013 Editorial
Within the NY Hall of Science

Within the NY Hall of Science

On a weekend drifting between a grey mist and bright heat, Tech Marinade ventured out to the 2013 World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science. The founders Ryan Sailor and Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ventured all the way from Pennsylvania and New Hampshire respectively, with camera and notepad in hand, to find the greatest creations and Makers. Here are some of the discoveries that were found on Day 1:

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World Maker Faire Day One Recap
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 9.22.2013 Editorial

Tech Marinade traveled to the New York Hall of Science to catch up with all of the new and great makers and innovators at the World Maker Faire!  Today was the first of the weekend-long maker extravaganza.  This post is a summary of our day and preview of some of the awesome products we plan to feature.

The day began overcast and drizzling at 9 am in Corona, Queens.  We rolled out of our beds at the Holiday Inn Express — Kyle rolled out from under the desk where he was sleeping — and grabbed breakfast in the lobby.  A tiny cheese omelet and floppy bagel with cream cheese.  It seemed that the breakfast nook was attracting quite a crowd at about the same time we should have been lining up for the Faire.  Filled, we sauntered up the road towards the Hall of Science, passing the numerous red brick buildings of Corona.  At the entrance to the fair, we were greeted by a long line of excited makers and enthusiasts.

The fair itself is a massive –literally and figuratively — testament to the rapid growth of the community of makers and those interested in do it yourself electronics projects.  The Faire is comprised of five areas covering the northern section of the park surrounding the Hall of Science.  It’s about one million square feet plus an extra section below United Nations Ave.


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