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Incredible Robotics Kit Rero Launches Indiegogo Campaign
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 12.17.2013 News



“With your support let us wish together the dream of leading a whole new generation of engineers and innovators and to help build better and smarter futures.”

An inspirational quote from the team behind Rero captures the essence of their new easy configurable robotics kit.

Reminiscent of Lego Mindstorms, Rero is a modular robotics kit made easy for makers of all ages. The creators at Cytron Technologies in Malaysia developed Rero to enable children to delve into robotics without the need to be experts in the field.

It’s one part learning tool and two parts fun. And I doubt kids will be their only customers.
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Sphero 2.0: Gyroscopic Robot Brings VR Into the Real World
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 9.28.2013 News

Sphero might possibly be my new favorite toy.  It’s a robot, a controller, and a virtual reality game all wrapped in one.  When we caught site of it at the Maker Faire in New York, Kyle and I knew we had to write an article on it.  Of course we had to try it out, too.

It's like a hamster ball without the hamster.

Major Ramp Action.  This ball has some horsepower.

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