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Mooshimeter Is the Multimeter We Always Wanted
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 1.9.2014 News


We took a look at innovative multimeters at the Maker Faire in New York in September when we previewed the Voltset, a smartphone based multimeter.

As I said in the Voltset preview, multimeters have not changed in design for a few decades. You might question why a design that works should be altered, but a new project on Dragon Innovation’s crowd funding website will definitely leave you wondering what other tools need a modern retouch.

That project is the Mooshimeter by Mooshim Engineering.

Like the Voltset, the Mooshimeter plans to take advantage of modern smart devices to expand the capabilities of traditional multimeters. By shifting the burden of display and control to another device, the Mooshim team could afford to make improvements in other areas of the Mooshimeter. While the Voltset makes a convenient pocket-sized multimeter to carry anywhere and take any sort of measurement, the Mooshimeter is a rugged data-collection device, designed to be placed in tight spaces or hard to reach places (where no multimeter has gone before!).

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Bring Your Web Development Skills to Life With The Tessel Microcontroller
by Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ▪ 11.18.2013 News

tessel_jsprint_620Another great find from the Dragon Innovation front page is the Tessel microcontroller. Labelled as one of the success stories, Tessel is an open-source microcontroller that can be programmed in JavaScript and is compatible with Node.js. Utilizing built in WiFi support and the capability to install modules using one line to the Node package manager, Tessel matches up with the growing population of savvy web developers an introduces them to the possibilities of faster and more flexible hardware development.

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