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EE Times University Hosts Free Microcontroller Fundamentals Course
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 11.19.2013 Learn

The EE Times University hosts free online courses on a variety of topics covering the electrical engineering industry. They’ve been doing this for about a year, with topics ranging from high-speed digital design to industrial system design. Continue Reading

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The Beast: One Board To Rule Them All
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 11.12.2013 Hacks

“The Beast” is the result of an ambitious summer project by Swiss embedded systems engineer Mathieu Stephen. According to his blog he was given two months during the summer to create a piece of hardware for his father that could fulfill a number of connectivity and sensor control requirements. Mathieu, who goes by the alias “limpkin”, has a history of developing unique embedded devices such as The Whistled, an indoor solar energy harvester, and even a project for Logitech. Instead of using an Arduino or any other pre-fab microcontroller unit, he opted for a homemade approach for The Beast.

Sexy close-up of The Beast. source: limpkin's blog

Sexy close-up of The Beast. source: limpkin’s blog

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