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The Fin Swims Ahead For Touchless Technology
by Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ▪ 4.8.2014 News


The wave of the future is upon us and technology is making its way into resembling that which we see in science fiction. One of these picturesque developments is that of gesture based technology. This dance-like method of interacting with our devices has seen developments in the forms of Leap Motion, Xbox Kinect, the Nintendo Wii, and more. A team has decided to create their own portable gesture device, with an aesthetic flair to boot.

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The All-In-One Card Startup Coin Offers An Arduino Bluetooth Low Energy Developer Kit
by Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ▪ 11.14.2013 News

coin_productIf you haven’t already heard, there is this new card that has been developed, and it isn’t of the Pokemon or Magic variety. This card can act as a representative of your entire wallet and be programmed to swipe as your credit, debit, or loyalty cards and more! This convenient marvel that does away with thick wallets is called the Coin. By using the Coin mobile app and a swipe dongle on your smartphone, you can upload your various cards onto both the app and your Coin device. All you need to do is swipe your card through, take pictures of both sides, and fill in the rest of the details. The mobile app can hold an unlimited number of card data and you can add up to 8 cards onto your Coin device. When it comes time to make your payment, you can simply choose which card you need using the interface located on the card and swipe. And if you happen to stray away from the card, the mobile app will warn you that you may have lost your Coin device. This is done via a Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) module that Coin developed themselves and now offers a kit for others to use!

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