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The Solar Sinter 3D Printer Harnesses Sun and Sand to Print in Glass
by Kyle Patrick Cayabyab ▪ 12.27.2013 Tech Marinade

22_solarsiter014A project born from the mind of Markus Kayser, the Solar Sinter 3d Printer began as an expansion of dimension from an earlier project that utilized the sun to act as a laser cutter. The Solar Cutter is a cam guided semi-automated laser cutter armed with a glass ball lens that focused the sunlight into a laser, creating a crude yet aesthetic design. This “nature craft” inspired Kayser to introduce the third dimension and create the Solar Sinter 3D Printer.

Using the design of the Solar Cutter as inspiration, Kayser began with a manually operated sinter, utilizing sand as a resin and melting it into glass. With the success of the manually operated sinter, Kayser completed the development of a fully automated version in 2011, below you can see a video of the Solar Sinter 3D Printer in action!

Take note how the sinter melts the sand and creates the 3D models in glass. The video was taken in the Sahara Desert near Siwa, Egypt. Be sure to also check out Kayser’s blog for more projects!

Markus Kayser – Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

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For The Guild!
by Ryan Sailor ▪ 10.29.2013 Groups

There’s a new guild in town, but if you’re looking to do some questing you might be better off booting up your MMO of choice. The Fairfield County Makers Guild is a group dedicated to technology education and community projects. We ran into their stall at the Maker Faire in New York last month, where they were showing off some of their robots.

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